MORTAL VEIL: A Stone Masters Vampire Story

A Doorway to Immortality

    Aged fourteen, while growing up in England, I read my first Anne Rice novel, Interview with the Vampire. I was so inspired by her classic nightwalkers that I continued to hold a place in my heart for these cultured and somewhat misunderstood immortals.

   Quite frankly, I was smitten.

   Years later, when I revisited my childhood love of writing, it was not surprising that the gothic novel became my genre of choice.

   In this Stone Masters short story, for the first time to date, I’ve written from the perspective of a mortal, Zachary Harris. Like most of us, Zachary goes about his day-to-day life unaware of the eternal dangers that loom in the shadows surrounding him.

   But that’s all about to change.

   As we follow his adventure of awakening and self-discovery, it soon becomes evident just how thin and delicate the mortal veil really is.

  During the many literary events I’ve attended, I’ve had the real joy of meeting genuine Vampire fans who express the pleasure of being exposed to authentic, well-travelled, seductive and uncompromising immortals. For some, the stories provide a lasting, visceral experience they’re eager to share.

   “Mortal Veil” welcomes you into my provocative underworld of British Vampires and also hopefully serves as a gateway into The Stone Masters Vampire Series.

   If you’re familiar with the novels, I’m delighted you’ve visited again and beckon you once more into the compelling realm of these sophisticated nightwalkers.

   If this is your first taste of immortality, allow me to be your guide and show you the way of the Vampire.

   Maybe it will affect you the way it affected me. Maybe . . . just maybe . . . it will change your life forever.

V.M.K. Fewings

September, 2011

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